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Do This Every Year After Your Annual Review!

March 19, 2017

Three Things You Need to do Every Year After Your Annual Review

For many of us slaving away in corporate America, the end of the first quarter of the year is review time. Hopefully, it’s full of PROMOTIONS, BIG PAY INCREASES and Massive BONUSES. My mouth is nearly watering with all the good stuff that has happened over the year during my performance reviews.

Seriously, the above mentioned good stuff just doesn’t happen by accident. You have to take control of your career, plan and deliver performance to keep on track to receive all the great things you want in your career.

Here are three things you need to do every year at review time.

1) Take stock of your career- ask yourself the Following questions: 

Am I working hard to accomplish my goals?
Am I working for a great company?
Is my boss someone I respect and admire?
What is my career path?

2) Update your Resume -You should take the time to update your resume EVERY year.
Annual review time is the best time to do this as you have likely just reviewed your accomplishments with your boss, and they will be front of mind. Even if your happy and not looking, it’s best to keep an updated resume on hand.
3) Update your career plan
It’s important to take personal ownership of your career. A critical component of this is taking the time to have your own career plan. For more on this check out my career planning podcast.
The Bottom Line
Annual review time isn’t just for companies to review you. It's your time to review your company, job and career. If you’re not where you want to be it’s time for some serious conversations with your boss. If you can’t create the job and career, you want with your current employer it’s time to connect with one or two great recruiters.

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